8 Specialty Printing Techniques to Make Your T-Shirts Stand Out From The Crowd

If you want your tee designs to be special, to attract attention from the group, try using several of the specialized printing results laid out in this short article Schirm bedrucken. Specialized printing provides some genuine benefits. Besides merely looking incredible, special effects offer your designs a point of difference from others as well as while they do set you back more than standard screen printing, distinct items often command higher list price.

Release ink

Release ink gets rid of the existing color from a t-shirt, leaving the all-natural colour of the fiber (normally some color of beige). Hues could then be changed in the fibers by adding inks to the discharge base.

Advantages: Utilizing discharge ink on a tee shirt causes a solid, coloured print as well as a really soft hand (i.e. a soft ‘really feel’ to the published tee shirt). Release ink is specifically useful if you’re publishing brilliant colours on black tee shirts. The alternate technique for printing colours on a dark color base needs an “undercoat” layer of white ink to make sure enough opacity of colour, resulting in a thick, heavy coating.

Negative aspects: Because it’s impossible to recognize in advance just how each shirt will react to release ink, colour matching cannot be assured and also there may be some colour variation between prints throughout a run.

Photochromic ink

Photochromic, or UV-reactive inks, are virtually transparent when watched inside your home however change to vivid colours in sunshine.

Advantages: Great effects can be developed with a print that effectively presents 2 different layouts – one indoors, and also another outdoors.

Negative aspects: Only a restricted range of colours is readily available.

Glow in the dark ink

Shine in the dark inks do precisely just what their name suggests – they differentiate themselves by beautiful in the dark! In the light, these inks will appear semi-transparent.

Benefits: Individuals can discover you in the dark. (Just kidding. It’s rather trendy, though.).

Downsides: The inks function best if they’re printed on a white or pale coloured history, so a light coloured base layer is required on darker t-shirts.

Foil printing.

Foil printing is a two-stage process which leaves a shiny metallic ‘print’ on the shirt. Initially, the garment is screenprinted, making use of an unique glue rather than ink, and also cured (dried) in the normal means. A sheet of foil is then heat-pressed onto the image produced by the adhesive. When journalism is lifted away, the foil sticks to the adhesive-printed locations as well as the unwanted is eliminated.

Benefits: Foil printing gives the most effective glossy metallic printing effect. Bling!

Downsides: Because it’s a 2 phase procedure, foil printing might not work rather also for penalty, in-depth layouts, and it’s even more prone to energised cleaning compared to most various other design designs.

Metallic inks.

Metallic inks cause a shimmery, sparkly impact, rather like metallic auto paint. Metallic screenprinting is less costly than foil printing, however does not have the exact same glossy result.

Radiance printing.

Like foil printing and also metal inks, shine inks can make your style sparkly and also distinctive. They’re offered in a selection of colours.

Smoke inks.

Puff inks are produced by blending a specifically developed base in with the ink. The base-ink mix expands (” smokes”) as the print is healed via the warmth passage, leaving a 3D texture. Smoke inks are additionally available in a wide variety of colours.


Group printing is achieved by including an unique base to the ink, which provides the ink a furry, silky texture as it cures with the warmth tunnel.

All these specialty printing strategies can be utilized to give your styles a little “extra” something, make them unique, unique.